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An overview of JavaScript Development

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An overview of JavaScript Development

JavaScript is a very dynamic programming language used in computers. It is most commonly used for web pages, whose implementation enables interaction between the page and the user to create more pages. JavaScript is basically a programming language with object oriented capabilities.

javascript development

JavaScript initially was known as LiveScript but Netscape changed its name to Javascript probably due to the reason of Java created more excitement.

JavaScript is a lightweight interpreted programming language especially designed for making network-centric applications. JavaScript is integrated with Java and HTML. It is also known as a open and cross platform.

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is considered one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web (www). Due to its spontaneity, JavaScript is widely used in web applications.

Although there are a lot of similarities between JavaScript and Java including language name, syntax an standard libraries, both the languages are very different and are distinct in terms of design and orientation. JavaScript was largely influenced by programming languages such as Self and Scheme.

In addition to web pages and servers, JavaScript makers are embedded in a number of tools. But the core JavaScript remains the same in each application.

The features are common to all JavaScript implementations unless they are specified otherwise.

  1. Universal Support:
  2. All the browsers widely used today support JavaScript with built-in interpreters.

  3. It is structured:
  4. JavaScript supports structured programming syntax from C programming language. But not all features are mirrored; there are plenty of minor syntactic differences from C.

  5. It is Dynamic:
  6. JavaScript like most other programming languages are dynamically typed. The type is related to the value than an expression.

  7. It is functional:
  8. The function in JavaScript is considered as an object. It is completely a function defined language. It also supports anonymous functions. Today, all the major web browsers have adopted JavaScript in their execution. And due to this, it is considered as multi functional or multi-paradigm language.

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