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Tools for JavaScript Development

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Tools for JavaScript Development

JavaScript has held a reputation today as one of the most popular programming language. It is highly dynamic, is consistent and evolving constantly by adding tools. There have been around 0.5 million packages to access publicly as of October 2017. Doesn’t matter what libraries or frameworks the JavaScript users develop, the trend is always a step ahead.


Tools are used in JavaScript mainly because in JavaScript ecosystem, the tools help in simplifying the development process and also help to debug. Today every JavaScript developer out there uses a set osf tools. There are no specific tools regarded as the ‘best’ ones. It solely depends on the task at hand.

But there are some JavaScript development tools that are very well known and are used extensively by JavaScript developers. Those are:

  1. React
  2. This tool was introduced by Facebook engineers in 2011. It offers new ways to operate web pages, provides high performances. Is a very dynamic UI and has many more advantages.

  3. Express
  4. Express JavaScript or Express.js is a very stable, fast and to the point development tool. It provides robust tooling for http servers and has high test coverage. It is amazing for single page applications, websites and https.

  5. Angular
  6. Angular.js is powered by Google. It supports HTML and enables proper structuring. Angular developers do not have to write databases, user interfaces and links separately. The angular.js framework takes care of that. It is popular and a single solution to make modern web applications, commonly single page apps.

  7. Electron
  8. It is vey useful when it comes to desktop applications. It is been gaining traction recently as a fine tool to build cross platforms applications and websites. It has public access and is widely used in Mac and LINUX system. The only fault in this tool is the size of the updates. One update can size around 40 Mb.

  9. Gulp
  10. Gulp is a smaller and specific task runner. 40% of the web developers use Gulp. It is one of the simplest tools in JavaScript. There are so many other tools available which cannot fit the list because of its huge scale existence. But the above mentioned are the most used and admired ones.

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